BaseURL der RestApi siehe Links.

API Struktur

ressource short description
POST /product initialize product model
GET /product get full product as json incl. all details
(planned for next update) get details of a single modelelement (feature or attribute)
GET /decision get all user decisions on all model elements
GET /decision/{fqn} get user decision on a specific model element
POST /decision/{fqn} create an user decision
PUT /decision/{fqn} create or change an user decision
DELETE /decision/{fqn} delete an user decision on model element
DELETE /decision delete all user decisions
DELETE /context delete all user decisions in context
GET /xsd-schema the product model XSD Scheme (.xsd file)
POST /cli-credentials create client token for authentification
/users (all methods) Admin Stuff for User Handling


See API Settings for more details.