Generate client session tokens to access API from everywhere (not bound to client IP).

POST @ /cli-credentials

Url: <api-base-url>/cli-credentials
Method: Post
        Apikey : <your admin-apikey>
        Token : <your admin token>
Consumes: ---
Produces: application-json, utf8-encoded
Access limited to IP: registered IP

For POST on /cli-credentials you need to authenticate by an registered user. This request will work only from the IP, that is registered for this user.


HTTP Post with empty body to /cli-credentials and HeaderParams Apikey and Token.

The Post request returns session key

        "apikey" : "Testnutzer_ho65mgfq16k1bemia6pmar1amir",
        "sessionkey" : "l06mkb23jtj7bred5ol5o1f9fskj5v8h1rth33usq5v",
        "expires" : "2015-12-31T18:32:48"
For saving key and token, please be aware:
  • apikey -> this is your apikey (of registered user), up to 256 chars
  • sessionkey -> up to 1024 chars
  • expires -> mysql timestamp